Hey guys, Joe Thomas, we’re going to focus on four boosts in a row. So these are the power boosts. You got to practice and practice, practice these boosts of course. Things that elevate communication, so inject these anywhere it makes sense there absolutely must be sincere and absolutely need to be with high focus.

Okay, so first boost is the expression of intent. To share with people what your intent is, my only intent is to help you. My intent is to understand so that you have the best options. I focused sincerely express your intent.

Second boost. Expression of confidence, have confidence. There’s the solution of this. I’m confident the direction this is moving. I’m confident we have options for this. I’m confident it can be done now don’t let that monkey jump on your back. Don’t be, unconfident. I can do it. I’m confident you have options.

Third boost, express reciprocation. This is so underutilized. When people bring up topics reciprocate. If they ask you what you think about a movement or some change in the environment of the economy or the market or the industry or technology, express your opinion. State what you think short to the point and reciprocate. Ask, what do you think about that? What are your thoughts on this? Someone asked you what you think about the weather. Tell them and then ask what they think. Many, many times people bring up topics not because they want to hear about them because they want to talk about them. If you reciprocate, you open up the opportunity to really understand people and understand them better. You can find additional motive this is a powerful tool.

The last one, expression of blue pill. Blue pill of course referenced from the movie the Matrix. It represents choice. Give people a way out. There are many ways to do boosts. I’m not saying you use these three. That is a boost of blue pill. You don’t have to use this. I’ve got some thoughts on this. I’m not saying that I’m right. There are many options available to you and you can choose whichever is in your best interest. Whether you choose me or anyone else. These are blue pills. Give people the opportunity to get out. It makes them safe. It wraps them in this blanket of safety so they can feel comfortable in openly communicating.

And remember all boosts, there’s at least a dozen or more, all of them must be sincere and done with high focus. So practice this stuff over and over. Inject them in communication where applicable. You’ll make a difference in your sales and your communication. Joe Thomas down in Belgium in Brussels. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the next one.

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