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Impact Advantage is an advanced sales communication provider specializing in uncovering customer motive utilizing outcome-based selling.

Current consultative, messaging and provocative selling methods are often limited to discussing “pain or gain” and are focused on busy work; the “what to do”. You may need a different, better way.

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What People say


Brett Buras


“This approach has elevated the conversations between my sales team and our clients/prospects.  These higher value conversations have cause our clients to see greater value in our offerings.  The result”a structured, teachable process that has led to larger deal sizes and a faster path to yes/no.  Most importantly, the approach has created happier, more engaged clients.”


Mike Hand

Sales Manager

“Impact Advantage exceeded expectations.  Many of the team members commented on how excited they are to implement the content to improve their results.  I look forward to putting them into practice myself and turning the behaviors into habits.”


Matthew Kittel

Account Manager

“II have a specific customer who had been a real challenge for me and although I continued to provide quality service, competitive pricing and superior support, I had been unable to gain his support or understand why he refused to do business with me.  Utilizing directive statements, boosts, and high focus, I broke through the barrier and have been his only call ever since..”


Nikki Matarazzo

IT Solutions Specialist

“II will definitely leverage this email and the queue cards moving forward.  In fact, I was able to secure both a conference call and an on-site meeting in the last two days – with a customer who has been so reluctant to meet wit h Dell directly because of their ties with one of our partners.  I can’t help but attribute at least some of that to the change in language used both in my email introduction and introductory call.  On the call, the buyer spoke so much (because of the open-ended directive statements) – he wanted to talk so much more… in person.

Looking forward to seeing you back at Dell soon!”

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