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Sales Leader! If you are reading this, undoubtedly you are a progressive and aware sales executive or business leader who wants to improve your sales team’s performance. Perhaps you’re looking for a new approach to selling – not a sales approach developed decades ago. In any event, you respect your customers their business and are looking to genuinely improve their condition.

If you are like many of our clients, you feel confident about your sales force, but you may want them to:

  • Stop talking about product, price, and proposal too early (listen actively and respond appropriately)
  • Sell at higher levels by having business and outcome-focused conversations with key decision-makers
  • Expand their comfort zones and gain the confidence to schedule appointments and speak with senior executives
  • Move beyond just selling products.  Instead, offer transformation or holistic solutions (or cross sell more)
  • Be able to connect your solutions to the customer’s business issues and outcomes
  • Improve their ability to communicate and sell via the written word (especially email)
  • Build value and urgency so the customer moves judiciously
  • Be able to “rewind” competitive opportunities and RFP’s so the customer truly sees the value of doing business with you.

If these are some of the issues you deal with, Take a Look Today

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About Joe Thomas

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Joe Thomas is an advanced sales communication trainer specializing in uncovering customer motives utilizing outcome-based selling. Current consultative, messaging and provocative selling methods are often limited to discussing “pain or gain” and are focused on busy work; the “what to do”. You may need a different, better way.
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Ways We Can Partner

You can decide what combination of services you'd like from Joe. Here's a quick list of options for you:

In Person Training

Have Joe come to your next event or training and coach your sales professionals in Person.

Web-Based Live Training

Have your Sales professionals train with Joe via Zoom, Skype, or another digital medium.

Online Courses

Courses Like High Focus Language are available via this website for your sales professionals. Get them a subscription and let your teams progress toward sales mastery begin.


What our clients say

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I have a specific customer who had been a real challenge for me and although I continued to provide...
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