Let me introduce one of my favorite principles: It’s called the Principle of Dichotomy.  The Principle of Dichotomy says this: Anything less than a conscious commitment to “A” is a subconscious commitment to “B” when “A & B” form a true dichotomy.  

Here are a few examples: If you’re not consciously committed to eating healthy you’re subconsciously committed to eating unhealthy.  If you’re not consciously committed to honesty you’re subconsciously committed to dishonesty. This list could go on and on.

In Time Management (and virtually every other area of effectiveness) this principle has some great application.

If you’re not clearly and consciously committed to YOUR goals and what drives you from INSIDE…you’re subconsciously committed to other’s goals to what drives you from the outside.


Do you know what they are?  Are they clear? If so, congratulations! Keep up the good work.  If not, how can you hit a target which you cannot see? You can’t, nor can you commit to them.  The Principle of Dichotomy comes to play and even though you may not be aware of this. You’ll be working towards other’s goals and quite possibly away from your own.

The world has an interesting and demanding way of telling you what’s important.  Everywhere you look there is something calling to you. It says: “read me”, “buy me”, “watch me”, “serve me”, “listen to me”, “work on me”, “play me” and much, much more.  It’s your boss, the TV, a significant other, the internet, a customer, the sofa, the community, the family, a deadline and so, so many more.

Now these things may be of value, and they may not. You’ll have to check them against YOUR goals.  When you commit to YOUR goals and focus on them, that commitment is what can create a balance among the other demands.  It will require that you say “NO” to some of the outside requests (when it’s right) so you can say “YES” to the inside ones.

Achieving a greater balance will allow you to become the best employee, the best spouse, they best sales professional.  In short…the best YOU that YOU can be.

Focus this week on YOUR goals and see what happens!  

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